Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ziza Afra Arie van Klinken was Born

Letter from Nederland

Ziza Afra Arie van Klinken was born early on Tuesday morning, July ‘28 in Haarlem - less than an hour from where we live. Needless to say we are delighted that she chose to be born here. Her parents are doing fine.

Ziza is lucky to have such great parents. They went to the nearby hospital for the birth, then half a day later home again. Ziza is a big baby (4.42kg) causing her mother some short-term stress. She also decided to take an extra week in that secure environment.

The names? Ziza - they said they made it up but this is my opinion – Ziza has an "African" ring about it - where Ben and Femke fell in love (Zanzibar to be precise); Afra means African woman; and Arie is her wonderful great grandfather who migrated to Australia last century.

My cousin Pauline tells me that grandparents are the reward for being parents - and I think I begin to understand what she means. Here are a few photos to prove it.

Love to you all
Helene and Gerry van Klinken

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